The BECKER TRANSIT 50 is a special highlight for all long-distance truckers and holidaymakers in camper vans. Thanks to the navigation which is specifically geared towards trucks and camper vans, you will get routes which are individually tailored to cater for your type of vehicle. Road information specific to trucks and camper vans is incorporated into the route calculation so that you always get to your destination safely and in comfort.

The extra-large display with a 12.7 cm screen diagonal also helps to make navigation clearer.Furthermore, you benefit from the intelligent assistance functions of the BECKER SituationScan. You are supported with helpful information and tips depending on your progress along the route and your actual driving situation. For example, one of these assistants is the Exit Assistant. If you exit the motorway unexpectedly, BECKER SituationScan immediately analyses possible reasons for this, for example petrol stations in the immediate local area are suggested to you. The suggestions can be viewed and adopted at the press of a button.

The map material for 44 countries in Europe, including 29 countries with road information specific to trucks & camper vans, is already preinstalled on the BECKER TRANSIT 50. As a special extra, you get a free map update guarantee*. This means you are guaranteed the very latest map material when you purchase the device.

*When you purchase a new Becker PND, you can be certain of receiving the very latest map material. Register for this within the first 30 days after you first use your device via the Becker
content manager.